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Paul, the Master Guide of the faith, the man of a tremendous adventure, the one that was able to challenge his world, is the model of the faith we would like to share with all Pathfinders that will participate to the Camporee in Rome. But this time it will be not a pastor or a youth leader presenting the message as a sermon or story... it will be instead a drama played on an arena by a group of actors.

What does it means?

So, imagine having a main character that will be Paul, and a little group of friends, assistants, soldiers, etc, that could animate some of the most important episodes of Paul : Paul in Damascus, Paul in Rome in prison, Paul in Ephesus, Paul in Philippi, etc. Imagine Paul giving a message from a prison and speaking to the pathfinders about freedom... Imagine Paul giving a message in Athena, giving a message on the postmodern polytheism as Greeks had it at their time. Imagine other characters speaking about Paul, from a city where something shocked the public opinion and create the roots of Christianism. And so on.  This year we have considered that the message in the evening could be given around facts happened in a city where Paul was and that we will indicate already in the morning. All the activities, games, pathfinders honors, sports, etc, will work all day long around the events happened in that city. Wow! What a challenge! This is walking with Paul. This is Faith Adventure!